About Us and our High Performance Insulation

Easy to use, High Performance Insulation

NOFP — Specialists in Performance Driven Insulation Products

Northwestern Ohio Foam has been a performance driven industry leader since 1984, and is celebrating our 30’th anniversary in delivering reflective foil radiant barrier insulation products as well as unique roll out recycled foam insulation used for concrete insulation.

As a cutting edge manufacturer of high-performance insulation materials used in under concrete insulation for radiant heat floors and reflective foil insulation – we take great pride in the design, quality, and service that is required to excel in today’s high paced – “get it done yesterday” energy savings related business environment.

All manufacturing takes place in our Ohio manufacturing plant where we use only American made products in our processes. Whether it’s our Barrier™, BarrierXT, BarrierX5, and XBoard used in under-slab insulation for heated floor projects or, MicroFoil™, MicroLT, Igloo, RigidBoard™, Premiere Duct Wrap, MicroVent™, or Pipe Insulator reflective foil insulation product lines – you can expect to see significant savings and vastly improved comfort levels from all of our family of high-performance insulation materials. We look forward to working with you in the very near future!!!

Post Frame and Agricultural

With our 30 years of experience, we have developed in-house expertise on solving insulation issues in everything from Post Frame, to residential and agricultural, to commercial and industrial construction. Our MicroFoil and MicroFoilLT reflective insulation radiant barriers are available in both a reinforced, UV protected, white scrim finish, or with a foil scrim finish to take on the toughest challenges when wrapping your building and protecting against radiant heat gain.

MicroFoil is great for your poultry farming or your pole building used for storage, just ask the experts at NOFP.

Underslab Insulation for Radiant Floor Heating

Our Barrier product line up was developed for the radiant floor heating professional where real concrete insulation, and not reflective insulation, is needed to help stop heat loss and energy waste. NOFP creates the continuous expanded polystyrene foam insulation rolls from bead expansion to molding and lamination all in our newly expanded production facilities in order to manage the entire product development process.

The Barrier product line is the only product available in a continuous unbroken expanded polystyrene foam roll with custom printed vapor barrier films on the top and bottom. See how the Barrier with its unique self-taped edges can help reduce your energy loss as well as your labor expenses.

Residential Customers

For our residential customers, MicroVent perforated house wrap provides the radiant barrier energy stopping power along with an insulating core needed to help insulate your structure and meet today’s higher insulating requirements. Great for use behind vinyl siding or under sheet metal roofing where every additional increase in R-value counts.

Thermoblok expanded polystyrene foam rigid insulation sheets were designed where higher R-values are needed. Thermoblok starts at ¼” thick in either sheets or rolls and goes up to 4” thick sheet with either a woven polymeric tough top coat to withstand the rigors of exposure or a reflective foil coating on both sides when used for continuous insulation on the exterior of your structure. With ThermBlok, your structure will be able to meet the new demands of increased energy efficiency through the use of both reflective radiant barrier along with a high R-value core of EPS foam.

We look forward to working with you in the very near future on all of your insulation needs!!!