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¼” MicroVent™ roll sizes

  • 4’ x 125’ (500 sqft)

Facing options

  • Foil no scrim reinforcement

MicroVent is a perforated radiant barrier and reflective insulation that provides increased comfort, and energy efficiency when used in applications requiring a breathable material. The perforations are for breathability under vinyl siding or in attics where condensation may occur.


MicroVent effectively reflects a radiant heat source as opposed to absorbing and dissipating it as other insulations must do. This reflectivity works both ways: radiating summer heat outward and retaining winter heat inside. When used behind vinyl siding in new installations or in retro-fit, you can increase the overall wall assembly insulation levels as opposed to using fan-fold. In addition, when used in an attic, you can expect lower attic temperatures thereby reducing the summer heat gain or winter heat loss. MicroVent helps the insulation currently in your attic work more efficiently for year round comfort..

EASY TO USE (Self-Taping)

MicroVent is made from a multi-ply polymeric core material that is lighter weight and easier to handle than other reflective or fiber glass insulation products. In addition, the factory applied self-taped edge makes installation fast and efficient

SMOOTH FINISHED SURFACES for use behind Vinyl Siding

MicroVent provides a smooth finish for the installation of vinyl siding. Incorporating an air-space on both sides of MicroVent allows for optimum insulating value.


When installed correctly, MicroVent provides an excellent thermal barrier, greatly reducing condensation buildup and with the addition of a perforated facing, allows for accumulated moisture to escape.


MicroVent requires only a pair of scissors or utility knife and a staple gun. It does not require masks or long clothing for installation.