Insulated Pallet Blankets

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Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier Pallet Insulation

Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier Pallet Blankets can provide reliable shipping of temperature sensitive food items or pharmaceuticals.

Products temperature can be stabilized by using hot or cold packs – allowing longer storage and further shipping points without product damage. Increase the product freshness with extended shelf life by reducing the heat or cold your product encounters.

Re-use NOFP’s pallet insulation blankets with the option hook and loop closure system to seam the edges.

NOFP’s insulated reflective foil radiant barrier pallet blankets are made from either ¼” or 1/8” thick material in a variety of finishes from pure fiberglass reinforced aluminum foil, to a more economical aluminized low-emittance polymeric film.

NOFP utilizes high reflective and low emittance insulation facings that decreases heat gain or impedes heat loss in all of your shipments when using our insulated pallet covers.

NOFP manufactures insulated blanket that fit a standard 4′ x 4′ x 4′ pallet. In addition, if you have a unique requirement, NOFP will custom manufacture any size you may need.

NOFP’s insulated reflective foil radiant barrier pallet blanket covers are ideally suited for medical supplies, candies (especially chocolates), and shipping perishables(i.e. fruit).

Investing in an NOFP insulated pallet protection system allows your perishables, liquids, foods, candies, medical supplies, and flowers safe and efficient transit allowing lowered shipping costs and higher product retention.

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