ThermoBlok™ RigidBoard

Literature & Info

Quick Spec

  • Product Sizes
  • Sheets
  • 4’ width
  • Thickness 3/8” to 4”
  • Lengths 8’ to 16’
  • Custom lengths to 24’ +
  • Rolls
  • ThermoBlok: 3/8” x 4’ x 64’
  • ThermoBlokXT: ¾” x 4’ x 64’
  • ThermoBlokX5: 1.25” x 4’ x 64’
  • Facing Options
  • White Double Cross Woven
  • Reflective Polymeric Aluminum
  • Foil

NOFP ThermoBlok™ Reflective Insulation is the ultimate in energy saving performance, virtually stopping all forms of heat transfer. Whether its thermal radiation, convection, or conduction, Thermoblok™ has the insulative properties to increase energy efficiency, be effective in many different applications, and simplify installation for all post-frame, light-gauge steel, commercial, and residential insulation applications. The recyclable core of the product is made from environmentally approved expanded polystyrene specifically formulated for use by NOFP that provides excellent insulation characteristics in a moisture proof design in a variety of thicknesses. In addition, the tough double cross woven white or the highly reflective polymeric aluminum facing combinations are bonded in a unique process that provides a long-term quality finish to every Thermoblok™ product ..

Feat ures & Benefits

  • Combats all three forms of heat transfer
  • Consistent, long-term proven performance
  • Vapor Barrier, Radiant Barrier, and thermal barrier all-in-one product
  • Multiple facing combinations
  • Available in sheets or rolls
  • Bird and insect resistant
  • Increases system thermal performance
  • Use in retro-fit or new construction
  • Reduces thermal bridging when used as exterior sheathing

Product Use

Thermoblok™ can be used for new construction as well as retrofit in a variety of applications, such as post frame, residential, horse, dairy, storage or livestock buildings as well as for finished walls, building insulation, under concrete, condensation control, and as a thermal break and vapor barrier.