NOFP provides custom sized protective bags, pouches, sleeves and tubes made in a wide variety of materials that are designed and created to streamline your packaging and shipping needs. In addition, our thermal insulated foil pouches are able to protect your sensitive products during shipment in storage. Pouches are available in sizes ranging from 4” deep and 4” wide to 36” deep by any width needed. In addition, a 1” double-sided tape can be applied to the lip of the pouch providing easy, efficient sealing. Some examples are listed below.

Insulated Foil Pouches

  • Protects items from the heat or the cold
  • Ideal for shipping medical supplies, food and confectionary products
  • Reflects radiant heat

Foam/Film Pouches

  • Strength and Durability
  • Moisture and Puncture Resistant
  • Excellent for shipping glass products.

Polyethylene or Polypropylene Pouches

  • Economical, Durable, Cushioning Value, resilient, maintains thickness, tear strength, non-abrasive
  • Helps to eliminate scratching of products. Use to protect products against multiple impacts.
  • Provides excellent protection for chrome plated parts or cosmetics.

Polyspun Fabric Pouches

  • Lightweight, Strong and tear resistant
  • Great for packing heavy parts such as chains and machinery parts.

Bubble Pouches

  • Trapped air provides cushioning value<
  • Ship electronic products such as cameras or calculators.


  • Same materials and cushioning value as pouches
  • Sealed on 2 edges for fast, efficient packing
  • Easy to use for shipping long slender items such as vacuum sweeper handles.