NOFP offers all types of sheeting in a wide variety of materials for use as a protective wrap or as protective cushioning between products.
Our custom sheeted foams provide excellent cushioning value to protect even your most fragile products.
We sheet to size with capabilities up to 72” wide with continuous lengths. Listed below are just a few of the available materials.

Polypropylene / Polyethylene

  • Durability with cushioning value
  • Cushioning value increases with the thickness of the foam
  • Economical, resilient, maintains thickness, tear strength, non-abrasive. Helps to eliminate scratching of products.
    Use to protect products against multiple impacts. Provides excellent protection for chrome plated parts or cosmetics.

Polyspun Fabric

  • Lightweight, Strong and tear resistant

Kraft Paper

  • Excellent for layering protection


  • Waterproof

Laminated Substrates

  • An endless combination of substrates providing cushioning, strength and / or moisture proofing