Insulation Products Lineup manufactured in the U.S.A

NOFP insulation products includes reflective foil foam and under concrete radiant floor insulation products can be used in Wood Frame, Post Frame, and Metal Frame construction as well as in pole barns, dairy barns, horse barns, and equipment barns as well as in residential, commercial, agricultural, municipal, and industrial applications. NOFP’s MicroFoil®, MicroLT™, RigidBoard™, MicroVent™ housewrap reflective foil insulation, and Barrier under slab insulation products can be used alone or in conjunction with other types of insulation to increase the overall efficiency of your structure.

The Barrier™, BarrierXT®, BarrierX5®, and XBoard™ product family was specifically designed for use under slab in radiant heated floors for the perfect combination of comfort and energy savings. The Barrier, BarrierXT®, and the BarrierX5® roll out under slab radiant floor insulation products are the only 100% recycled EPS foam with an integrated vapor barrier and self taping seam available in today’s market providing a virtually unbreakable roll out radiant floor insulation. For even greater heat loss stopping power, XBoard was developed that incorporates the great vapor barrier properties as well as the self taping seam available in the Barrier product family into an easy to use rigid foam product.

MicroFoil®, MicroLT™, MicroVent™, RigidBoard™, Igloo™, and Premiere™ round out the line up of reflective foil foam insulation products that integrate high quality foil facings and NOFP’s patented self taping seam along with a high insulation core. The highly engineered foil insulation found in all of NOFP’s reflective foil products reflects up to 97% of the radiant energy that contributes to heat loss or heat gain in your structure. In addition, the full line of reflective foil products can work alone as a high performance radiant barrier and vapor barrier or in conjunction with other types of insulation that may already exist in your structure.

Radiant Heating & Under Concrete Floor Insulation
Barrier™, BarrierXT®, BarrierX5® and BarrierHL™ roll out foam insulation is the only choice when it comes to insulating a slab for radiant floor heat. The products incorporate a recycled polystyrene foam core for real heat loss stopping power in addition to an integrated double vapor barrier and NOFP’s patented self taping seam. The Barrier Product Family works as under slab insulation for radiant floor heating in residential, commercial and agricultural applications. NOFP Insulation Products: Barrier™, BarrierXT®, BarrierX5 ®  BarrierHL™
XBoard™ Under concrete radiant floor insulation provides increased performance in a rigid polystyrene foam board. XBoard™ integrates a double sided vapor barrier and NOFP’s patented self-taping seam in a break-resistant easier to use system over plain 2″ XPS. NOFP Insulation Products: XBoard™

Reflective Foil Insulation and Radiant Barrier
MicroFoil™ is a clean, non-toxic, self-taping reflective foil insulation and vapor barrier that provides increased comfort, energy efficiency, and a clean finished appearance. MicroFoil reduces heat gain and loss by reflecting radiant energy, the predominant form of heat transfer. NOFP Insulation Products: MicroFoil®
MicroLT™ incorporates the same features of NOFP’s patented self-taping edge and benefits as MicroFoil® but with a thinner 1/8″ thick core making it a cost competitive high quality alternative. Available in MicroLT™ Perf for breathability for use under vinyl siding. NOFP Insulation Products: MicroLT™
MicroVent™ HouseWrap is a perforated reflective foil insulation and radiant barrier based on the proven performance of MicroFoil. The addition of a perforated breathable surface makes it ideal as an under vinyl siding insulation. NOFP Insulation Products: MicroVent™ HouseWrap
ThermoBlok™ RigidBoard reflective foil foam board insulation combines the benefits of foil with the additional R-value of EPS foam into a high R-value product. Thicknesses from ½” to 4″ in a 4′ x 8′ standard sheet combine to form a virtually impermeable membrane to any type of heat transfer. Great for post frame and dairy applications. NOFP Insulation Products: Thermoblok™ RigidBoard
ThermoBlok Rolls combines high quality woven facing materials with the higher R-values of RigidBoard by using a flexible 3/8″ core of EPS foam. NOFP Insulation Products: Thermoblok™ Rolls
Pipe Insulation is a clamshell pipe insulator made from high density EPS foam capable of insulating your most demanding applications. Primarily used as an insulator for outdoor wood furnace supply and return pex tubing. NOFP Insulation Products: Pipe Insulation
The Pallet Blankets protect your valuable shipments from the harsh environments and temperature swings encountered in moving your product. Flexible foil and foam core reflects the radiant heat protecting your vital shipments for longer. NOFP Insulation Products: Pallet Blankets

White Scrim Industry standard WMP 3″ wide insulation facing tape provides high quality adhesive in easy to use rolls with a kraft release liner. Use for on the jobsite seaming or repair. Follow NOFP tape application guidelines. 3” x 150’ rolls. NOFP Insulation Products: White Scrim
Foil Scrim Industry standard Foil Scrim 3″ wide insulation facing tape provides high quality adhesive in easy to use rolls with a kraft release liner. Use for on the jobsite seaming or repair. Follow NOFP tape application guidelines. 3” x 150’ rolls. NOFP Insulation Products: Foil Scrim
1″ Double StickGreat when an extra hand is needed to hold the material in place at the peak or eave or to create a hidden seam. Double stick tape is constructed from a heavy-duty acrylic adhesive with a removable kraft liner. 1” x 150’ rolls. NOFP Insulation Products: 1 inch Double Stick